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There is one thing quite strange in Vietnam that security guards are referring as a kind of "evil” people, often harass rural people when they come to bus stations, hospitals. However, when witnessing the work of petroleum security guards to ensure security for Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals Complex, I had a feeling that it is not "money for jam " occupation but they are the soldiers of tough and silent work.
Part 1: Silent struggle
From confronting with gangster….
I had a period of time following petroleum security guards to go all around Dung Quat refinery – the first important national security project of the petroleum industry, so when being assigned to go to Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals Project in companion with the leader of Petro Vietnam Security Service Corporation (PV Security), I immediately prepared to start. Departing from Hanoi in early morning, when my seat had not been warm yet, Mr. Vu Khanh Vinh – Director of PV Security said “It is a pity for you not coming with us in the last trip, otherwise, you had a chance to watch gangster movie without ticket fee”
Not yet understanding the case but I guessed there was a serious incident, then after asking Mr. Vinh and other people in group during the travel time from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa, I got a clear story. In the first half of 2016, NSRP Project came into the peak period that required a large amount of manpower, up to 40000 people. To meet the needs of the work, subcontractors recruited manpower hurriedly and carelessly. Many subcontractors were seeking manpower from central provinces, southern provinces and also in the remote areas. Moreover, because the construction site was in the equipment installation phase, the materials, scrap could be up to hundreds of tons per day. Taking advantage of crowded construction site with a lot of expensive materials and equipment, quite a few bad guys has infiltrated to the site with the aim of gaining inexplicit benefit.
Checking security and safety of vehicles accessing construction site.
Only in the first half of 2016, PVS Nghi Son security forces have handled more than 2 thousand cases. The most concerned problem among them isthe manpower working in the project construction site. There have been over one thousand cases of using counterfeit ID cards or using another person's card or intentionally trying to sneak into the construction site. Especially, there were more than 120 cases of vehicles using fake inspection stickers, fake gate pass permit to unauthorized access the site. When these cases being detected, PV Security force made record, confiscated cards, stickers, vehicles gate pass documents and report to JGCS Consortium and Project owner. Those who violate regulations of construction site were disciplined, dismissed from the project. These people with disruptive ideas then turned to express the “hatred" against security guards, said that PVS security guards are the causes of their loss of job. Therefore, they are often forge ahead to threaten, assault security guards.
With over ten years of experience working in security field, Mr. Vu Khanh Vinh analyze: "Many times security guards were provoked, threatened, but we still encourage them to be patient. In the off duty rush hour, security guards have to go to accommodation in groups, never go alone. But to be honest, most of security guards are young so the annoyance caused by constantly cursing, insulting of bad guys becomecompressed springs just wait for unwinding. Quite a few times the guards asked the leaders to command to "fight", but these issues are the challenging exercises for the patience, bravery of security guards. On the other hand, we also have to report the security situation to the police force, border guard army of Thanh Hoa province, the project investor and EPC Contractor in order to prepare the security plans and propose several alternatives solution to address the root cause. Because, we understand more than anyone else that ifthose problems are neglected, they will lead to the occurrence of catastrophic cases ".
Listening to this, I also feel anxious then asked Mr. Vinh asked: "So do the guards have to endure forever, why not allow the guards to join the battle?". Mr. Vinh laughed: "It is secret about the detailed settlement, you just need to know that PV Security has settled “nicely” and similar cases will not happen again". During the traveling time, I spent hours of begging, encouraging to gain more information but the whole group did not reveal anything.  Fortunately, when got to the construction site, I finally got the latter half of the story.
Early last July 2016, at the Project's main gate (Gate 1) nearly 100 young guys with "full body tattoos" appeared intending to block the entire region. They vowed to "weeding" the entire security force of PV Security. At that time, Mr. Vu Khanh Vinh has just finished the meeting with Contractor and were on his way back to Hanoi. When he was reported about the situation at Gate 1, Mr. Vinh immediately instructed all security force not to react impulsively without consideration, and mobilized all company forces to protect Gate 1 areas. Meanwhile, he also informed and request the armed forces Thanh Hoa province, mobile police, Tinh Gia district police, Nghi Son police station to assist. Although being more than ten kilometers on the way to Hanoi but Mr.Vinhand companions turned back immediately to direct to handlethe incident.
With the cooperation of the Tinh Gia district police, mobile police and the security guard teams, the disruptive groupwas sealed off. They said that, these people are called mafia gangsters with the aim of "threatening" security guards to gain benefit from the project. The negotiation is not enough to subdue these guys, then they will encroach more, claiming requirement to gradually manipulate the security in project areas. Therefore, these guys can only be subdued by using strong measures, exposing the fearless mettle, no retreat, always being ready to confront.
The remarkable point is during that urgent and critical situation, Mr. Vu Khanh Vinh Director of PV Security had volunteered to stand on the front lines, the point out the names, backgrounds,"achievement" of them. Realizing that they cannot do anything, most of the troublemakers had to give up. Particularly, some them are still rampant, stubbornly insisted on handling "personal resentment". In order to overpower and prevent them from perturbing, some guards who are good at martial arts had defeated one by one.
Then, in order to prevent re-occurrence of the incident mentioned Tinh Gia district police came to meet each guys, asked to sign commitment for non-violation of NSRP project security regulations. So far, the provocations, assaults PVS guards has been completely terminated. The guys in the blacklist also have not caused any incident related to security and safety of the project.
… to dealing with thieves and robbers.
For a project with total investment up to $ 9 billion, was located in an area of ​​over 200 ha with thousands of hectares of the sea, the security and safety of lives and properties, is extremely complicated. We have noted and met the witness of thefts, robbery which were prepared with sophisticated tricks, causing the situation that insiders also found it ironical when arresting the violators.
The person who escorted me to the construction site was Mr. Pham Minh Thin – Specializer of PV Security Supervisor Team. With tall and big body type, the squared face filled with bushy beard, Mr. Thin seems cruel. But actually he is quite calm. Introducing the perimeter checkpoints, he said: "The security violations here mostly are using counterfeit cards to blend into the site. Every day we also detect counterfeit cards or using other’s ID cards. The last peak months we have to handle averagely 600-700 cases of this type of incident. "
PVS guards coordinate with Mobile Police to patrol on construction site
Looking at more than 1,000m2 campus area of Gate 01, we really appreciate the work of security guards. Because the number of workers are up to 40 thousand people and focus to going in, out for about 30 minutes, it is difficult to avoid the situation that bad guys take advantage of this period to illegally access the site. When I asked, what is the purpose of the people who infiltrated the site, Mr. Thin laughed and said, they mostly commit theft or illegally sell food, fresh water to workers. Seeing me there in disbelief, he explained that at the beginning, there were material thefts, scrap in small quantity, the violators were workers who backpack several kilograms of copper or scrap. Because we have been equipped with metal detectors at gates, these cases have been reduced dramatically, however, there were the cases occurred with well organization, clearly assignment, subtle tricks with a total weight up to tons of copper wires, cables, electrical equipment that valued up to hundreds million.
Take me to the gate number 5, Mr. Thin pointed to the fence which was made by reinforcement B40 steel mesh and big V shape rebar that each bare are sized to fit adult ankle. He said "they" dare to drive cars recklessly rushed through this fence. After that he told us about the most serious incidents occurred on 17-5-2016.
On that day, PVS received information from information center (JOC) that near the cafeteria No.19in C300 areas, some copper wire was cut into sections covered by a canvas were detected. Guessing these were signs of property theft, mobile patrol force of PV Security immediately approached to identify and detected 15 copper core cable segment, 4 core (4x150), each 1.2m-1.5m length near the wall of oil tank. Mr. Thin immediately assigned security forces to ambush. By the end of the afternoon, they discovered the trucks BKS: 36C-07 489 belong Van Hoa Company parked near the 15 cable segments. Then, there are three male workers wear reflective jacket of contractors DONGYANG and VINA.E & C to bring up a 15 segment of cable to the truck. After loading, the truck went to the end of the road 27 to load waste mud to cover, then calmly went to Gate 5F2.
Around 17:40 PM, the truck came to Gate 5, when security forces receive signals, stop the truck to check then suddenly the driver rushed the truck to the guard, then crashed through the iron fence to run to the road 513 towards the gate 2. Immediately, security force urgently informed to Nghi Son Police and Tinh Gia district police forces to capture the truck.At 18:20PM, Nghi Son police forces seized driver who parked the car on the road 513, in front of Hai Thuong Clinic, but the stolen cable was gone. Driver Hoang Van Chung was captured by Tinh Gia district police, consideredto commit theft and react against officer on duties.
It should also be added that, before this incident there were about 20 cases with similar tricks. The guys who organized theft of cables, copper wire and equipment in the field, then they put canvas, soil to cover in order to cheat security forces. But with many professional measures, PV Security successfully prevented, returning equipment and materials to contractors.
One of the ironical incident PVS Security have to handle is that people around the project to find ways to get through the fence to selling things.  Although PV Security have coordinated with local government to organize thepropaganda, education and warning many times but the vendors still trying to break through the fence for gaining profit. Particularly, Ms. Mai Thi Dung was discovered as selling beverages on June 24-6-2016. While the security force making report, she insulted, shouted to the guards. She also picked up the broom (about 1 meter long,) and assaulted guard Mr. Chu Hoang Ha . And yet, she took out from the bag sharp knife about 30cm long (pig kill knife), swinging and threateningto kill security guards. At 9:30 am the same day, PVS quick response team arrested violators handed over to Nghi Son Police Station to handled according to law.
Lieutenant Colonel Phan Tien Dung, deputy leader of PA81 - Thanh Hoa Provincial Police:
Provincial police leaders appreciate the effectiveness of security undertaken by PV Security at Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemicals project, especially the cooperation between Tinh Gia district police, Nghi Son police, mobile police, Police of 8 communes in the project area.
We have the right policy, very specific solutions butimplementation of close cooperation, sharing responsibility to complete the task is a very difficult issue. The recent time we have done well, and will try more to maintain until the project is completed and put into operation.
PA 81 Department– economic police is the standby force, responsible for the security of the entire Nghi Son Economic Zone, we have to catch up with all situations in the region to advise comprehensively, accurately and in timely manner to the provincial police management. Therefore, PV Security guards and Police forces, border army forces should establish a specific procedure in information exchanging activities. For example, exchanging the information to concerned parties regarding the handling of violations of security and safety, the case that violators have been arrested or has not been arrested.
Currently, we are very concerned about some elements of sabotage fromseveral foreign institutions, some groups of wanted criminals, the propaganda about Falun Gong ... has appeared inNghi Son areas. Therefore, the security forces must always be alerted, strengthen the controling of the vehicles going in, out of the site, managing explosive, flammable, toxic materials... using the technical measures, security dogs to detect and prevent in time.